Accicare Medical Service Providers (Pty) Ltd (“Accicare”) was founded in 2017 by Dr JHL Scheepers (M Tech Chiropractic [University of Johannesburg]) to provide passengers and innocent victims of road accidents with immediate access to funding for private medical care, within the Accicare Network, whilst facilitating the accounts and claims processes of medical service providers, thereby contributing to quicker recovery and rehabilitation of patients.


The Company holds the prosperity and recovery of road accident victims as one of it’s core values, providing immediate private medical care availability to those who need it most is a priority.

AcciCare renders services to medical service providers in respect of the administration and discounting (factoring) of medical accounts rendered in pursuance of the Road Accident Fund, whom is liable for payment of the fees of the medical service providers. AcciCare has created a procedure for the simplification, streamlining and improved efficiency of the submission and collection of medical service providers’ accounts from the Road Accident Fund.